Saturday, July 20, 2013


I took the girls to get their pictures taken on Friday.  The girls behaved themselves, at least initially, but I soon had to resort to bribery to get them to smile.  That, and the photographer kept telling them to say "booger" which made them laugh.  We went to Cold Stone Creamery while we were waiting for the pictures to be printed.  Amelia wanted blue ice cream (cotton candy) with sprinkles, and Megan wanted the birthday cake remix (cake batter ice cream with brownies, sprinkles and chocolate chips).  They really enjoyed their ice cream - I hope the stains wash out of their blue dresses!  Here are the photos that I ordered, so Mom and Jane, let me know which ones you want copies of.

If you want to see all the photos, you can check out this link:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to Megan!

We've celebrated Megan's birthday twice already, with both sides of the family, so I didn't plan anything huge for her actual birthday today.  Instead, I let her choose the kinds of things she wanted to do.  She woke up kind of grumpy this morning, but eventually got out of bed herself in a happier mood.  I told her she could pick whatever she wanted for breakfast, and she immediately said "CAKE!" but I convinced her to settle for donuts with frosting and sprinkles.  We picked up some chocolate donuts with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles while we did our grocery shopping; I'm not sure they were any healthier than cake would have been....

When we got home, the weather turned nasty with thunderstorms and torrential rain, so Megan decided we should watch a movie.  We watched Alice in Wonderland again while we enjoyed our donuts.  Then the girls opened their presents from Uncle David's family, and immediately set up the indoor croquet set all over the floor in the dining room and hallway.  They were very good at hitting the ball gently and keeping it on the ground, but they had a hard time getting the ball through the wickets!  After rest time, we went to see Monsters University, which everyone enjoyed.  We had a very healthy dinner of sugar snap peas, apples, string cheese and popcorn.  Yum!  Megan had requested chocolate chip pancakes for her birthday dinner, but we're going to have that for dinner tomorrow instead.

Then we came home and had cake.  Megan wanted a cat cake with cats like Molly and Sophie on it, but I didn't want to make an entire cake for the four of us, so I made Amy's ice cream cake with a cat face on it instead.  Megan wasn't entirely satisfied with that, but she agreed that the ice cream was really good.  She was happy to get a piece with an M&M and some whiskers.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Megan!  I called her a big girl today because she's three now, but she told me that she's still not big.