Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amelia's First Day of Kindergarten

Amelia was a little nervous about starting kindergarten yesterday, but she ended up having a good first half-day.  We had a little argument in the morning about what clothes she was going to wear, because we had picked out an appropriate sundress the night before, but then it was 49 degrees outside when we woke up, and so I told her she had to dress more warmly.  Instead of adding a sweater, she wanted to change clothes completely, so she ended up in a skirt and shirt instead of a dress (total surprise!).

I forgot to get a picture of her backpack, but it is, in fact, a Tinkerbell backpack that we picked up at Walmart for under $10.  Hopefully it will last the whole year!  I had wanted to get her a better quality non-character backpack, but she was so excited about the Tinkerbell one that I caved.  And I'm glad I did, because she was so thankful that I let her pick "a not boring backpack" and she was very happy to wear her backpack and take it to school yesterday.  I thought it would be nice to capture her favorite things along with this goofy photo:

When I picked her up, she told me all about her day.  Her teacher read two stories, The Kissing Hand and Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten, which Amelia told me was the perfect story to read because now she is in kindergarten.  It's almost like the teacher planned that.  :)  They got to work on two coloring projects, both pages with raccoons.  Amelia was proud to show me that she had written her name on the top, each letter in a different rainbow color.  They had snack time before recess, and she ate half her snack mix and drank most of her water bottle.  Recess wasn't her favorite part of the day because she said 1st grade and kindergarten had recess together, and there were a lot of kids on the playground (if she was right, that would be almost 200 kids out at the same time, and the playground is not that big).  She said she hung out on the monkey bars because there were too many kids everywhere else.  She did see her neighbor friends Addison and Natalie at recess, and she said they all played together for a little while, so that was nice.  They practiced going through the lunch line, and that was all she could remember about her day.  She said she didn't cry, although one little girl did, and when she got lonely, she held onto the necklace we had made together the day before out of beads and shrinky dinks (so fun!).  She talked a lot about a girl named Emma who had the same water bottle as she did (Hello Kitty).

I told her we could do anything she wanted after kindergarten to celebrate her first day, and she chose to go to the mall to eat at "Old McDonalds" and play in the play area.  The girls enjoyed their happy meals, while I got Arby's:

And then they had a fantastic time playing at the play area.  They got a little goofy and crazy and tried to climb on top of each other in silly ways:

Amelia was a little worried about school today because it is a long day, and she was planning to try to hot lunch (although she was going to choose the yogurt instead of the pizza, so it's not exactly hot).  Megan is a little bored without Amelia today, although she did enjoy getting to play with the My Little Pony castle all by herself.  We can't wait to pick Amelia up in a few more hours and hear all about her first full day!

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  1. think teacher's plan things to make sense? Who knew?

    I find it funny that both Natalie and Amelia call McDonalds "Old McDonalds."

    We can no longer play in the free mall playground because Noah is too tall :(