Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Megan decided early on that she wanted to be coronation Elsa for Halloween this year.  That costume isn't for sale anywhere, so I made it myself.  The trickiest part was all the rosemaling on the bodice and the skirt, but I found a template online, traced it onto freezer paper, cut it out with an exacto knife, ironed it onto the fabric and used fabric paint.  It turned out looking perfect, but we'll see how it holds up in the laundry.  Megan was thrilled with her costume, and is so excited that she can continue to wear it as dress up clothes after Halloween.  Megan (and I) got a lot of compliments on her costume from other moms who know Frozen, and from her friends who asked their moms if they could have a coronation Elsa dress, but most people had no idea who Megan was dressed up as.

Amelia was originally thinking she wanted to be the blue dress icy Elsa, but she changed her mind after she realized that a lot of her friends were going to be the same Elsa. I was so proud of her for wanting to be an individual.  And then she heard that Natalie was going to be Dorothy, and so she decided she wanted to be just like Natalie.  :)  I made her costume from scratch also.

The girls had a lot of opportunities to wear their costumes this year.  When Natalie and Noah were here for Nate's baptism, all four kids got to dress up and go to Trunk-or-Treat at our church.  The weather was beautiful, so we made sure to get photos in case the weather on Halloween wasn't so nice.  It is pretty much impossible to get a photo of all four kids smiling at the same time, but I like how happy everyone looks in this photo:

The two Dorothys wanted to get their photo taken together, and it looks like Amelia's Toto is about to take a nosedive out of her basket here:

So then Noah and Megan wanted their photo taken together.  Noah, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, tried to eat Elsa because he was STILL hungry, but Elsa used her freezing powers to stop him.

Megan got to dress up for a Halloween party at preschool on Wednesday, and then both girls went to the fall festival at Amelia's school on Wednesday evening.  We didn't see Amelia's teacher (she was so sad about that) so we didn't get a photo.  Then on Thursday, we met up with a friend to trick-or-treat at the businesses in downtown Sun Prairie.  The older girls had a great time running from business to business.  They also liked looking at all the scarecrows from the scarecrow contest.  Their favorite was Olaf, of course.

I managed to get a photo of the three kids together in front of this beautiful tree:

Mom and Dad came to visit on Friday and Saturday, and Dad even dressed up like a scarecrow to go trick-or-treating with the girls.  The girls thought it was so fun that Grandpa dressed up!  Halloween day was very cold, so Megan put her winter coat on before we even got to the neighbor's house, and Amelia is wearing three shirt layers and two pants layers underneath her dress.  She refused to wear a coat though, and said that only her face was cold.  I wore my winter coat, and used her coat as a hood, because it was only 35 degrees outside.

They're off to see the wizard!

Nathaniel did not go trick-or-treating because it was way to cold for him, but he did get dressed up in his costume on Thursday when we went downtown.  His costume was very warm.  Megan and I decided that he was a dinosaur (although I think his costume was originally supposed to be a dragon.)


  1. Great pictures! Nathaniel looks so cute as a dinosaur/dragon. He seems happy to be wearing it! My kids wore coats on Halloween plus Natalie had earmuffs on. It was far too cold for her!

  2. Well done, Ms. Costume-Maker! You're a pro! :) Nathaniel is SUCH an adorable baby!