Monday, August 29, 2016

The Olympics: Fencing and Rhythmic Gymnastics

I think it is awesome that the kids were fencing with lightsabers!  My kids were at a disadvantage because they hadn't watched any fencing yet, but they eventually figured out what fencing is supposed to be about.

Even Becky and Brian got in on the fencing action:

Becky ended up being such an energetic fencer that she tripped on the shoe pile and fell over.  Before I could even get up to see if she was alright, the three older kids ran over to treat her:

 They declared themselves the medics for the rest of the indoor events. 

In fact, it got so that the competitors would fall over during their events specifically so that they could receive medical attention.  Even Uncle Brian got in on the act:

Okay, so on to rhythmic gymnastics.....  Becky found her ribbon sticks from the last Olympics, and the kids used those to dance to Brian's extremely eclectic mix of dance music (he said that he put his ipod on random).  It was really fun to watch the kids dance to the Imperial March.  Megan was a big fan of the ribbon dancing; she was able to get the ribbon to do all kinds of interesting things.  She even invented dual ribbon dancing!

Here's the only picture I have of Natalie competing in rhythmic gymnastics.  She's getting carted off by the medics because she has a broken leg (those are splints piled around her leg.)

Here's Noah doing rhythmic gymnastics:

Amelia chose to compete using hoops instead of ribbons:

And of course they had a team rhythmic gymnastics event.  It's difficult to get a photo of all four kids in motion.


  1. I actually made new ribbon sticks. :)

  2. I love seeing all the kids' dance moves. Hilarious! The addition of the Olympic medic team is pretty funny too. I'm sure it's fun to compare their personalities and developmental levels from one Olympic year to the next. Great activities! I'll have to remember fencing... :)