Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinah's Birthday Party

We were stuck at home without a car on Friday, and the weather was terribly cold and snowy.  So I decided that we needed to have a party at home.  We were going to celebrate Megan's half birthday (thanks for the idea, Kim!) but Amelia decided that we should celebrate her stuffed cat Dinah's birthday instead.  If that cat actually aged a year each time we celebrated her birthday, she'd be older than me....

Anyway, we used my new mini muffin pan to make mini funfetti cupcakes.  Of course, we had to have purple frosting for Amelia and use the star sprinkles for Megan.  Amelia had fun helping to frost the cupcakes.  She actually got a fair amount of frosting to stick on the cupcake, but didn't get it spread out as neatly as I did.  When it came time to eat the cupcakes, she always chose one of the pretty ones I frosted, instead of one of the ones she frosted herself, which I thought was interesting.

Here's the birthday girl wearing her party hat:

And here's everyone at the party, just before singing Happy Birthday to Dinah.  Megan refused to wear her party hat.  But we gave her a cupcake anyway.  :)

Of course we served tea at our party.  Megan kept trying to drink out of the creamer pitcher:

But she did finish all the tea in her cup, too, and hardly spilled anything this time!  Megan did not want to eat the cupcake, and I figured out it's because she didn't want to get messy from the frosting.  So, we split our cupcakes.  I got the top with all the frosting, and she got the bottom that had no frosting.  I think I got the better end of that deal!

And eating purple frosting will turn your tongue purple (kind of):

Oh, and just fyi, it works really well to split a box of cake mix in half and just make a half batch at a time.  I measured out how many cups of cake mix were in a box, then I took half and mixed it with half of the wet ingredients.  It made one tray (24) mini cupcakes, which is a perfect amount for us to eat and share before they get too stale.

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