Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Frosty

It got warm enough this week that the snow melted a little, and so what had been light and fluffy snow turned into perfect snow for snowman building.  Amelia helped me roll the snowman balls, and she put on most of the decorations.  

We used rocks for the smile, eyes and buttons, and I must not have anchored them very well in the snow, because they have all fallen off.  Our neighbor used Easter egg halves, and I thought that was a really clever idea.  Luckily, we found a lone carrot in our garden, because we had eaten all our baby carrots for lunch that day.  You can't have a snowman without a carrot nose, according to Amelia.  Of course, she also thought we needed to find some coal before we make another snowman.   Megan didn't want to help build the snowman, but she does like to look at it.  Every time we come home now, we have to go over and take a quick look at the snowman.  Amelia named him Frosty.

We also went sledding again in our neighbor's backyard.  I have to pull the girls there in our sled, which actually glides very nicely on the snow.  It's much easier on me than carrying Megan.  Amelia loves it; Megan, not so much.  You can actually see the tears rolling down her face in the second picture.  (Is it terrible that instead of taking her right home, I stopped to take a photo of her sad face?)

Amelia really loves sledding by herself, and is pretty adventurous for a three year old.  She likes to go down on her stomach, and she especially likes to go backwards.  She also likes to make a train with all the other neighborhood kids, but inevitably Easton will steer them into a fence, so they don't get very far. 

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