Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random photos from January

My girls have recently discovered bubble bath, and they LOVE it!  I've tried bubble bath before, but last time Amelia told me she didn't like bubbles, and Megan was afraid of them.  Plus they've been so temperamental about taking baths in general that I haven't been willing to prolong the agony by adding anything to them.  But now, they have fun playing in the tub together and being silly.  They are better about getting their hair washed, especially when Daddy is washing it.  Here's Amelia pretending to be Santa Claus: 

 Amelia likes to bring Megan breakfast in bed in the mornings:

One time they spilled an entire box of Life cereal in Megan's crib, and we were 30 minutes late to preschool because I made them clean it up before we left (and boy howdy, showing up late to preschool and having to apologize to her teacher was a TERRIBLE consequence for Amelia, she absolutely hated that!)  After that, I told them they weren't allowed to eat in there anymore, but I have just recently relented because I enjoy having a few minutes to get ready without having to worry about someone tipping her chair over....

... Speaking of which, we had to go to the doctor a week ago because Megan tipped her chair over at lunchtime and cut the underside of her chin on the edge of the chair.  It bled profusely, and after I was able to get the bleeding stopped and Megan calmed down, I could see that it was a relatively short but pretty wide cut.  (As an aside, I predict that Amelia will never go into the medical field, I thought she was going to throw up when she saw all that blood.)  Thankfully, the doctor was able to glue her chin shut instead of having to do stitches.  Afterwards, I gave her a blue lollipop because she held so still at the doctor's office and didn't fuss at all, and so here's what she looked like afterwards:

If you look closely, you can see the injury and glue on the underside of her chin.  The glue has worn off now, and the doctor said that the scar should fade to nothing in a couple of years.

On the plus side, the girls got flu shots while we were at the doctor, which was nice to get taken care of since the flu is currently wide-spread in Sun Prairie.

Oh, and Amelia and Ben played out in the snow a few times before it melted.  As I said before, Megan did not like the snow, and didn't want to go outside in it (I think she was afraid we were going to make her try sledding again), so I had to stay inside with her.  First, Amelia went sledding in our neighbor's backyard:

Then she had a snow picnic where she got to drink her hot chocolate out in the snow.   It was a little messy to drink hot chocolate with mittens on, but she figured it out!

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  1. Wow, that is a BLUE tongue! I love the bubble pictures too.