Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rubber Band Splattering....

... because you put paint on a rubber band, and you push it up, and it makes little tiny dots on the paper.

A post by Amelia

First, you have to find a box.

Put a piece of paper inside the box.  Then you have to find three rubber bands

and you put them on the box.  And you find three colors of paint

and then you paint the rubber bands with a paint brush.   (Mommy took the next three photos)

Oh, you need to find three paint brushes.

No painting the whole rubber band so that your hands don't get too messy.  You should just paint half.  Then you pull up the rubber band and let it go down and it splatters on the paper.

Notes from Mommy: Amelia did this art project in school on Tuesday, and she was so excited to teach me how to do it after rest time.   She let me try it, too, although I was restricted to using only red, purple or blue paint.  It was fun!  But if you want to take photos or have your computer available to take dictation, make sure that you are standing far away, because the paint WILL splatter, and you WILL get paint on your brand new keyboard and on your face.  And then you will go out to preschool reading night with red, purple and blue paint splatters on your face.

Not that I have personal experience with that....

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