Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fort

We built a fort last night in the playroom, and the girls had a great time playing inside it.  This time, I was told I wasn't allowed to play inside with them, so I finished up a sewing project instead.  They play so nicely together now; I only had to mediate a few arguments, namely Amelia saying "Megan won't give me another triangle bristle block!" (solution: they each got two and I got the remaining one) and Megan saying "I want the pink glow stick instead of the yellow one!" (solution: you get what you get and you don't fuss a bit).  First they built things with bristle blocks, and then they read books.

It is very hard to take photos of kids in forts in the basement in the evening in the middle of winter. 

I think I did a very nice job building the fort, though, using the ceiling rings from the stuffed animal stacker and the canopy, the bunting hooks, and ropes to tie the other corners to the bookcases.  It is both sturdy and interesting!  Thanks for the fort building kit, Becky!

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  1. I love Megan's smile and boy what an outfit! She has her sister's fashion sense, doesn't she? Amelia so looks like you in the second picture. Glad they like the kit!