Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Snow Fun

Amelia even went sledding in our backyard this time!

Our hill is not quite as exciting as Cosette's hill, but with a good push, Amelia could go pretty far.  In fact, she almost ran into the neighbor's house once.  Good thing she likes to fall out of the sled!

Oh, and she convinced Grandpa to pull her up the hill every single time:

Jeff and Amelia built a tiny little  with a huge carrot nose, and Amelia fed her some snow:

Jane even convinced Megan to play outside in the snow.  Megan was very excited about digging a hole in the snow with her little purple shovel.

Then she decided to throw some snowballs at Grandma!   I think she ended up hitting herself in the head with that one snowball instead of hitting Grandma.  :)


It's been above freezing for the last three days in a row, so we're down to only an inch or two of snow.  But there's snow in the forecast for both today and tomorrow.  Yippee.  I think we've only had three days of snow-free grass since the middle of December (and there were still piles of snow then).

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