Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy May Day!

We took May baskets to Amelia's preschool teachers on May Day (it has just taken me this long to download the photos off my memory card).  

In our yard, we had two daffodils blooming and a very small clump of grape hyacinths, so Ben had to go to the store to buy flowers for the May baskets.  The girls arranged the flowers themselves, which was interesting, and they were very enthusiastic about handing them out.  Megan was especially excited to say "Happy May Day!" and give her baskets to the preschool director and the children's librarian.

The weather has been changeable here lately, hence Amelia's decision to wear a sundress with a sweater and socks with sandals.  I made her wear a long sleeved dress, tights, and regular shoes today because the high is only 47.  She was not happy - I think she's ready to be done with winter!

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