Saturday, May 11, 2013

Messy Eaters

Amelia was being a goofball eating her yogurt the other day, and actually asked if I would take a picture of her so she could see how silly she looked.  Usually I think Amelia looks more like me in photos, but in this one, I think she looks EXACTLY like Ben!

Megan had quite a messy face, too, after eating yogurt and a pita with Nutella.  I think her mouth looks kind of like the Joker, but aside from that, I think these photos show off her beautiful eyes.  Aren't her pigtails cute, too?

It is nice to have some beautiful light again, after the very long and very dreary winter we've had.


  1. How do you get Megan's pigtails to stay in? Natalie's just fall right now.

    The pictures are really cute!

  2. I don't use the teeny tiny rubberbands, I use the next size up (they are still pretty small). And I wrap them around 4 times. They stay in really well, actually, until Megan decides to pull them out.