Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Halloween, a few weeks late!

Halloween turned out to be a crummy weather day here, it was cold and rainy all day long, but that didn't stop us from trick-or-treating.  I had taken photos of the girls over the weekend when we went to trunk-or-treat at our church, so I didn't have to try getting a picture of them wearing rain boots and carrying umbrellas in the pouring rain.  Amelia is Rapunzel and Megan is Rosetta, the pink fairy from Tinkerbell.  I tried to talk Megan into being something more cold weather appropriate, but she had her heart set on being Rosetta, and refused to change her mind.  Amelia really liked her long wig, and got a lot of compliments on it, but boy am I glad her hair isn't really that long or thick!

Megan made it all the way around our block on one side of the street before she decided it was time to go home with Ben and warm up.  Amelia wanted to keep going, so she and I walked around the other side of the block and then headed home.  Of course the girls sorted through all their candy after dinner!  Megan even gave all her Butterfingers to Ben when she discovered they were his favorites; isn't she sweet?

Earlier in the day, we had decorated a pumpkin using Kim's idea of melting crayons.  Amelia wasn't as confident using the glue gun as Ian was (I have a full-sized one, so maybe that's the difference?) and she got tired of using the hair dryer, since it took a while for the crayons to melt.  So I ended up doing a lot of the work myself, but the girls had a really fun time watching the crayons melt and splatter all over.   The finished product was interesting!


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