Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random thoughts

Because Amelia is at school, Megan is playing at a friend's house, and Nathaniel is taking an extremely long nap, I thought I would post some random pictures that I've taken during the last week.  We haven't done anything super exciting, just more hanging around indoors while the temperature hovers around 0.

Oh, one day it got up to 20°, so I let the girls go play outside.  They wanted to check on their "fairy house" in the middle of our tiny prickly bush.  I guess it isn't prickly when you are wearing heavy snow mittens.  Amelia told me there were no fairies inside of it, and she figured that was because it was covered in snow.

Then, of course, they had to eat some snow.  And throw snow up in the air.  And take a nap in the snow.

The girls had fun trying on all my shoes one evening.  They particularly liked wearing my boots.  Oh, and by the way, the girls choose matching dresses themselves; they love to match!  I do not pick out their clothes anymore, and in fact, when I try to pick out their clothes, they refuse to wear whatever I suggest.

 Amelia is getting braver about taking a bath.  She voluntarily covered her face with bubbles the other night, and poured a pitcher of water over her head to clean herself off.

Nathaniel seems to not mind baths, for the most part.  One time I gave him a bath in the sink and he screamed and screamed, reminiscent of Amelia as an infant.  The next time I tried it while the girls were eating lunch so Amelia could experience the screaming herself, and of course he didn't scream at all.

Nathaniel is really good at holding his head up, so I thought I'd prop him up to take some photos.  Fail.

 He didn't mind toppling over, but he was a little mad when I tried to make him sit up again.

Ben can still hold him up with one hand, but I can't.  He's still too small to hold on my hip, so I've been using the baby Bjorn and the Moby wrap a lot.

And he still isn't thrilled about tummy time.  Here's a preview of his disdainful teenager look:

But he is smiling an awful lot now, and even starting to chuckle.

You may have noticed that I got photos of him in different clothes, to prove that he wears something other than the gray and white striped raccoon sleeper.  He does, I promise!  He wears that sleeper a lot because it's the one the girls picked out for him, and so they want him to wear it whenever it is clean.  But he does wear all the new clothes we received as gifts, and a lot of Noah's sleepers, too.


  1. Cute pictures! Nathaniel really looks like Ben in the last photo.

  2. Jonathan also does not like tummy time. He cries the whole time. He is still trying to figure out how to roll. Abigail is going to love the pictures of the girls. She thinks it is hilarious when they eat snow.