Thursday, February 13, 2014

Megan's Snack Helper Day

I got to go to school with Megan today to be snack helper for the Valentine's Day party.  Ben stayed home with Nathaniel and went in to work at lunch time.  It was so nice to spend some time just with Megan (and 19 other rambunctious kiddos).   The kids did relay races in large motor; here Megan is trying to run with a heart between her legs and then scootering on her tummy.  She refused to do the race where two kids put one arm each in a men's dress shirt; she told me later that she didn't want to do it because she didn't want the shirt to cover up her dress.

It is interesting to see what Megan chooses to do in preschool free time, because she doesn't like to talk a lot about her day.  Today she wanted to play with the pattern blocks, which she told me she does a lot.  She also did some lacing cards and made a Valentine card for our family.  She wasn't interested in playing with the other kids, but I don't know if that's because I was there, or because, at three and a half, she still plays next to other kids instead of with them.

Megan got to bring Buddy Bear home last weekend, but she didn't get to play with him very much before she got sick on Saturday night.  She didn't seem to be as interested in Buddy as Amelia was two years ago, which was good since I took Buddy away after Megan got sick and washed him in the washing machine.  This is what we wrote about Buddy:

"Megan had a lot of fun with Buddy Bear this weekend.  First, we talked about how Buddy had come to our house two years ago with Megan's big sister, Amelia.  Megan and Amelia dressed Buddy up and put bows in his hair.  Doesn't Megan look little in this picture?  She was only 1!

Megan decided that Buddy Bear is a girl, so she dressed Buddy up in a flowery blue dress this visit.  Megan said that Buddy liked her dress.  She pretended that Buddy had a loose tooth.  We also learned how grizzly bears catch fish - they stand in a river and open their mouths, and the fish just jump in their mouths.  Megan fed Buddy fish at dinner time.  Buddy liked the fish - she ate them all up!

Megan dressed Buddy in a nightgown that matched hers for bedtime.  Buddy slept in her very own bed, with fancy curtains and a heart quilt.  Buddy slept well in the bed.

Megan had a fun time with Buddy!"

The girls also pretended to ice skate with Buddy.  Here Megan is throwing him up in the air like the Olympics pairs figure skaters that we were watching on TV.

Mrs. Singer read our Buddy story to the class while Megan got to sit in the special rocking chair and provide additional details.

We brought juice for snack, while two of Megan's friends brought cream cheese and jelly heart shaped sandwiches, fruit cups and cookies.  There are extra snack helpers on party days, so it was a big snack!  They always do "Open, Shut Them" before they start to eat. 

We had such a fun morning together!

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