Friday, May 11, 2012

Buddy Bear

Everyone in Amelia's preschool class gets a chance to bring Buddy Bear home for the weekend.  And this weekend was Amelia's turn!  She was so excited to have Buddy at our house, and she planned a whole bunch of fun things to do with him.  Since the weather was beautiful, we decided to take a picnic lunch to the park.  Amelia thinks this is the first time that Buddy has ever been on a picnic.  His favorite food at our picnic was whole wheat bread, but he also enjoyed the grapes.  Amelia did not share her cookie with Buddy, but she did share it with Megan.  (Just an aside, Megan can now say the word "share", which she uses most frequently when she wants someone to share a treat with her.)  Amelia said this was the best lunch ever!

Then Buddy, Amelia and Megan played at the park.  Buddy liked swinging the best, and Amelia enjoyed giving him big high pushes and even underdogs!

Buddy and Amelia went down the slides a few times:

And even played a quick game of hide and seek in the tunnel:

Then Amelia carried Buddy Bear home on her shoulders:

In the evening, we went to DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) night at preschool.  Buddy Bear had to borrow a pair of pajamas.  He thought it was fun to get to go to preschool in pajamas!  Amelia and Megan thought it was fun, too.

Mrs. Becker read a few books to Amelia and Buddy, and then they listened to Jack's grandma read a few books.  Buddy's favorite (and Amelia's, too) was a book called "Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes".  We discovered a cute new book called "It's Not a Box" about a bunny who imagines a cardboard box is all kinds of other things like a rocket ship or a boat.  Megan liked reading "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and "Knuffle Bunny" both of which we read at home.

And here's a few photos of Megan at the park, so she doesn't feel neglected.  Megan likes to show off her new skill of hanging and swinging from a monkey bar.  She is getting strong!

All tired out after playing at the park:

After reading night, we went to Culver's for a treat.  After Megan finished her half a small scoop of vanilla ice cream with blue and white sprinkles, she climbed into my lap, pointed at my chocolate peanut butter Butterfinger concrete and demanded "SHARE!". 

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  1. Nice boots, Megan! Did you ask to "share" them?