Saturday, May 12, 2012

Buddy Bear is a Cardinals fan....

.... but he didn't bring luck to the Cardinals today.  :(  Grandpa, Amelia, Megan and Buddy Bear donned their Cardinals attire to watch the game tonight:

The girls enjoyed watching the game regardless of how the Cardinals played.  I can't say the same about Grandpa, though.  But he did enjoy getting to tickle two little girls:

As soon as Mom & Dad got here this morning, the girls wanted to read books.  Buddy had to listen to the stories, too.

We went to Culvers for lunch, and Buddy Bear came along with us.  Amelia shared her milk:

but not her ice cream.  When I told Amelia that Buddy Bear wanted to share her ice cream, she told me that Buddy doesn't like ice cream, he likes cookies instead.  So Grandma shared her ice cream with Buddy.  As soon as Megan finished her little bit of ice cream, she turned to Grandma and said "SHARE".  Grandma was nice enough to share with Megan, too. 

Megan decided to wear her sunglasses in the car, and she looked so cute that I turned around to take a photo.  After I took a single photo, she started saying "NO" and put her arms out meaning "all done."  I felt like a paparazzi.

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  1. Hey, Marcie, I didn't know you were putting everything on your blog. I had lots of catching up to do. Loved all of them.