Friday, May 4, 2012

Daddy Adventure Day - Animart Storytime

This Wednesday we went to Animart pet store for storytime.  Isn't it cool that our pet store has a storytime?  They read three books about animals, and then they bring out a pet of the week and let the kids hold or pet it.  The girls, Megan especially, love getting to meet different kinds of animals.  We've had puppies and kittens and even a gecko!  This week was a guinea pig:

Amelia sat on the rug most of storytime, but then she climbed up into Daddy's lap to listen.

When we're at the pet store, we always make time to look at all the animals.  As always, Megan wanted to see the "fwo-fwos" (frogs), "tuka-tukas" (turtles) and "sssssss" (snakes).  She likes to look at the pond to see all the koi (I'm constantly worried she's going to fall in, and this week she almost had her foot in the water before I stopped her):

And she also loves to watch the puppies play:

Amelia likes to find the Nemo fish:

This week, Amelia's favorite animals were the ferrets.  She and Ben were watching the ferrets play, and one ferret got stuck under a blanket and couldn't figure out how to get out.  Silly ferret!  She also likes to play with the kittens through their cages, but this week they didn't have any rescue kittens.

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