Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Hot Sunday

We got the kiddie pool out for the first time today, and the girls played in it twice for about an hour each time.  They were having a fantastic time.  Right away, Amelia said that we should put the little slide into the pool, so they spent a lot of time climbing up it and sliding down it.  By the end of the hour, they had splashed almost all of the water out of the pool.  They played together so nicely that I could sit in a chair in the shade of the house and read my book while watching them.  What a treat for all of us!

Amelia liked to give Megan a boost to get up the slide:

Megan liked to find new and interesting ways to get to the top of the slide.  She is definitely a climber like her cousins!

They both like to slide down together:

Today we also went to a garden train open house in someone's back yard.  I saw a flyer for it during donut time at church, and so we stopped by this very nice couple's house.  The couple do go to our church, but I had never met them.  They had their entire back yard set up with a garden scale model train and all kinds of different scenes with people and animals.  The circus was particularly amazing - Megan loved the elephant train!  Plus they had some beautiful flowers.   We had a great time watching the trains and waving to them.  The owner had created an I-Spy game, and he told us to find an eagle (Amelia spotted that on top of the mountain), a gold mine, a hobo village, a mariachi band, and an Indian village.  I had to explain to Amelia what most of those were.  She found horses, cows, buffalo, and a watermelon.  Oh, and in this first picture below, the building on the bottom left is a house of ill-repute.  It was so funny!

 I really enjoyed all the miniatures, especially the farmer's market.  I couldn't believe all the details!

They invited us to come back next time they have an open house, and we definitely will!

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  1. Those vignettes are amazing!
    We just got our own kiddie pool, a blue one like yours. Since we lack kiddies, it's really for the dog to keep cool in. I'd better not show her these pictures or she will be jealous and want a slide.