Friday, August 22, 2014

Little Amerricka

It has always driven me nuts that this place is spelled Amerricka, but Ben figured out why during our trip there.  Apparently the guy who used to own the property was named Merrick.  So, now I understand.  Anyway, it's a little amusement park designed mostly for little kids.  Amelia was at the perfect height to do almost everything, as long as Ben rode along with her.  We chose to buy her the same wristband as Megan, though, since we thought she would be too timid to try some of the bigger rides.  And we were completely right....

The girls saw the carousel first thing, and rode it a couple of times.  They always love carousels.

Then we convinced them to go on the ferris wheel; they were pretty nervous the first time, but they quickly realized that it was fun.  

They were also nervous about trying the tilt-a-whirl, too, but as soon as it started spinning around, they laughed and laughed.  When they came off it, they told me that they loved it!  It's a good thing Ben doesn't get dizzy very easily because they went on the tilt-a-whirl twice.

Little Amerricka has a section of little kid rides, too, where the girls could ride all by themselves.  They liked pretending to drive the boats, planes and fire trucks, and they had to go on some of them twice so that they could each have a turn sitting in the front.

We convinced them to try a teeny tiny roller coaster, and they did NOT like it at all.  To be fair, it was very jerky, Ben didn't like it either.  But after that, we couldn't convince them to go on the bigger roller coaster.  You can see their scared faces here:

They rode around the park on a monorail.

And they rode the train into the countryside.  Nathaniel and I got some popcorn and sat in the shade for a while during their 20 minute train ride.

Then they tried out the bumper boats, but the boats had squirty guns on the front, and so they got pretty wet.  Megan didn't like that at all and started crying so much that Ben had to return to the front so the guys in charge could get her off the boat.  She and I sat and watched the rest of the time.

It was a good experience for the girls to try a few things that scared them and realize that the rides were actually quite fun.  Megan has been asking if we can go back to the ride place again, but I told her we'd have to wait until next summer. 

Nathaniel was, once again, a very happy baby.  He didn't get to ride on anything, but he enjoyed getting carried around, and I think he liked to watch everything that was going on.  There was a lot to see.

I love that shirt of Noah's!  I am so thankful to have lots of cute hand-me-downs!

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