Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Classes

The girls had the chance to do all kinds of fun things this summer, including a few different classes. Most of them went very well.  Megan tried out a six week long ballet class at Dancing Through Life and she really liked it.  She was mostly a good listener, and she tried hard to follow the teacher's instructions.  When the teacher said to scissor jump (echappe) across the floor, Megan took pride in jumping as vigorously as possible.

Both girls took tumbling through the parks and rec department.  They mostly did different obstacle courses, which they enjoyed.  Amelia learned how to do a backward roll, and Megan excelled at the balance beam.  Megan has a very good sense of balance and was adventurous enough to try hopping on the high beam and doing big kicks over the obstacles.

 Megan loved to do flips on the bar, but while she could get upside down by walking her feet up the wall, she needed the instructor's help to finish the flip.

Amelia was able to do this flip all by herself.

Both of them also took swimming lessons, which did not go particularly well.  The girls claimed to like swimming lessons, but neither one made any progress.  They are both still scared of putting their heads under water.   And Amelia is afraid of not being able to touch the bottom of the pool - when the teacher told them to float or swim, she would hop along the pool with one foot still touching the bottom.  The teacher let her get away with it, so I think we are done with parks and rec swimming lessons and will have to start lessons somewhere more serious this fall.  This not very good picture shows Megan splashing when she is supposed to be listening to her teacher.

Our occasional high school babysitter held a dance camp for all her little girls.  Both Amelia and Megan attended, but poor Megan had a terrible cough the first day and missed out on participating in the dancing.  She was better the second day, but then she had a bit of an attitude problem.  They both really enjoyed getting to try tap dancing, but Megan thought the noise of the tap shoes was too loud.  The little recital they put on at the end was so cute!

Amelia spent most of her time watching our babysitter, Rachel, to see what she was supposed to be doing.  But cute little sister watched Amelia instead, and tried to copy her!

We spent every morning last week at VBS, where I led Amelia's class to all the different stations.  The theme was the Sea of Galilee, so we all have the theme song "Gangway to Galilee" stuck in our heads now.  Both Amelia and Megan said that their favorite part of VBS was snack time, but that after that, they liked the science.  We made a tornado in a jar one day, and each kid got to bring one home.  Our jars are still on the kitchen table, and we swirl them to make tornados every time we sit at the table.  They also did a colored water/paper towel/capillary action experiment and a colored water/bleach/baking soda experiment to show how God wipes away our sins.  I thought the Bible storytelling time was very nicely done.  After telling the story, the leader (who was a teacher) helped all the kids act it out.  The first day, Amelia was a fisherman casting out her net and waiting for Jesus to call her to be a disciple.

On the last day, she got to act as Jesus, and she told the fisherman to throw their nets out so they would catch fish.

 During outside time, we played with water balloons and got a little wet.  One of the mornings it was in the 50s, so we had to stay inside and play a funny game where the games leader was captain of a ship and bossed us all around.

Everyone's favorite art project was the scratchy fish, which Amelia is working on next to her friend Sophia.

Nathaniel was supposed to be in the nursery every day, but he's going through a stranger anxiety phase, so he spent most of the time with me in the Moby wrap.  The kids in my group all loved him, and enjoyed getting to touch him and give him toys.

Megan said she had a nice time at VBS also, and I promised her that next year I would be in charge of her class.  Her leader said she was very well behaved.  So I guess it's good that her behavior issues only show up for me.

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  1. Their tap recital video was so cute! I loved how Megan would try to do what Amelia did a few seconds later.

    I LOVED that shirt that Nathaniel was wearing. So glad he could fit in it!