Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Yesterday the girls started their second session of swimming lessons this fall, and I was able to take them to the pool to observe.  Amelia was terrified before her lesson started; she came home from school in tears and tried to get out of swimming by saying her tummy hurt.  But she had a new teacher this time, and she cheered up once she was actually in the water wearing a floaty belt.  She swam to the end of the pool all by herself and then jumped off the diving board and swam back.  I was really impressed that she did all that!  When her lesson was over, she ran over to me and told me that she loved swimming.  And then she got to play in the kiddie pool while Megan had her lesson.  She practiced her front glide, front crawl and front float and then played with another little girl.

This may not seem like much for people whose kids love swimming, but this is a pretty big deal for Amelia to be able to do.  And even more, to do eagerly!

Megan likes her swimming lesson, and she seemed to participate eagerly.  Her class didn't get to do as much as the bigger kids, but I did see her practicing her kicking on her back while the teacher helped her float.  She had a big smile on her face.  She enjoyed playing in the little pool while waiting for her lesson to start; she was content to run around the pool and go down the slide.

Megan loves to watch videos on my phone, so she asked me to take a few videos of her playing in the pool.  She especially wanted videos of her going down the slide and landing silly ways.

I asked Amelia if she wanted to make a video for her to watch next week before swimming telling herself that swimming is fun, and she thought that would be a good idea.  And of course Megan wanted to make one, too.  So here's what the girls had to say about swimming in their own words.

Nine hundred thousand million billion trillion thumbs up is amazing!  I'll take it.

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  1. Yay Amelia and Megan! Wow Amelia, that is a lot of thumbs up!