Thursday, December 31, 2015

Frozen Dance Recital

Megan's little friend Amelia's mom convinced me to sign the girls up for a little ballet class in the fall that culminated in a Frozen dance recital.  The girls all got to be winter snowmen, dancing to the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"  They had fun in the class, although I think Megan has realized that dance isn't what she really wants to do.  It was interesting to see that Megan (who has only taken a few short dance classes through parks and rec) danced about the same as her friend (who has been taking dance classes for the last three years at the most expensive place in town.)   Anyway, they all had fun dancing together, they loved their costumes, and they loved getting to watch the show from the wings.

I thought I was taking a video during the dress rehearsal, but it turned out that my phone wasn't recording, so all I have is a few photos.  Amelia was the first girl in line, she got to lead the rest of the girls on and off the stage; she was very excited to have that responsibility.  :)  Amelia is the girl on the right, Megan is next to her, and their friend is on the left.


  1. These costumes are so cute! What does Megan want to do then if she doesn't want to dance?

    1. She says she wants to swim and play soccer, so I will definitely sign her up for those things this winter and spring.

  2. So sorry we missed the recital.