Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nathaniel's Second Birthday

We celebrated Nathaniel's birthday when we went to Glenview a week before his actual birthday.  Mom and I made him a three layer chocolate cake, and we borrowed Natalie and Noah's little construction trucks to decorate the cake.  This is a super easy cake to decorate.  :)

Nathaniel wasn't quite sure what to make of his cake; he wanted to take the diggers off the cake and play with them.  He also wasn't fond of the candles, and didn't have any idea how to blow them out.  Thankfully, there were a few other kids around who were excited about helping him blow out candles.

He was, however, excited about eating the cake, even though you can't really tell from these photos.

The bigger kids were also very helpful when it came time to open presents.  Nathaniel was very excited about playing with his new fire truck that makes all kinds of crazy loud noises, and ALL the kids wanted to play with his set of battery operated power tools, especially the CHAIN SAW.  How cool is it to have a toy chain saw?

The girls thought we needed to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday, too, so we made him a pan of brownies.  Nathaniel absolutely love construction trucks right now, so we made another construction scene.

Once again, he wasn't very excited about having his favorite trucks on the cake, or about having candles lit in front of his face.

Somewhere I have photos of him eating his cake, but my photo management system is messed up, so I'll have to add those photos later.  He decided to use his trucks to eat his cake, so he was licking cake out of the digger bucket; it was very cute.

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  1. Look at that face with the light candles! Poor guy :( How tragic to have light candles on your birthday. What were you thinking?