Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Wars

Ben and I took Nathaniel to see Star Wars on Tuesday morning while the girls were at school.  The 9:15am showing was surprisingly well attended, but we were able to get seats in the back row with no one sitting directly next to us.  Nathaniel was interested in the previews, but he got a little bored once the movie actually started.  Here is his head blocking my view of the screen:

I had to take him out for about 15 minutes in the middle of the movie so he could run up and down the hallway, but otherwise he did pretty well playing games on my phone and eating blueberries, crackers, a lollipop and some M&Ms.  I'm pretty sure he didn't disturb anybody at all in the theater (unlike the other child there, who had a few loud things to say).  He really liked getting to shake Darth Vader's hand in the lobby.

The bandaid on his chin is from where he ran into the couch and bit his lip on Monday evening.  He cut both the outside of his chin just under his lip and the inside of his mouth pretty badly, it was bleeding profusely.  But I knew from multiple past experiences that there's nothing that needs to be done for cuts inside the mouth, and the chin cut was narrow enough that it probably didn't even need glue.  So I just slapped a bandaid on it, held a cloth on his lip, gave him an ice, and put on an episode of Chuggington.  Hopefully it will heal without too much of a scar.

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