Thursday, January 7, 2016


During Christmas vacation, Amelia's Girls Scout troop took the girls on a field trip to nearby Cascade Mountain to go snow tubing.  They went in the evening to take advantage of the half price tickets, so it was dark the entire time we were there (sorry for the lousy photos).  Since Jeff and Jane were here, we decided to take Megan along, too.  It was really crowded because of the holidays, so we had to wait in long lines to get up the magic carpet to the top of the hill.  Megan really liked the escalator like magic carpet.

The tubing itself was a lot of fun.  Megan was a little nervous each time, but would be smiling and laughing as she got down to the bottom of the hill.  They had workers at the bottom of the hill to pull the inner tubes back and help the little kids get up.  This is Megan at the end of one of her runs:

Amelia made a big chain with some of her friends, she is the second in this chain, although you can barely see anyone:

After that, she joined up with us again, although she never wanted to make an inner tube chain with us, she always wanted to go by herself.

Nathaniel spent some of his time running around outside in his snow gear, with Jane chasing after him, and some of his time inside eating snacks:

We had a lot of fun, and now the girls want to go back again (although we will definitely try to pick a less crowded time.)

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  1. What a cool snow hill! I've never seen built-in lanes like that. I'm impressed that Megan was brave enough to go down on her own.

    Also, thanks for your book suggestion for my boys. Once you mentioned the title, I remember reading My Father's Dragon when I was little. I never realized it was a trilogy. I am looking forward to reading it again!