Sunday, July 17, 2011

Foam Window Mural

It's supposed to be hot here for the next week, so we'll be spending a lot of time splashing in the pool and running through the new kid washer.  I also have a few outdoor water activities in mind for Amelia while Megan is taking her morning nap.  The first is an idea that I had seen at Filth Wizardry and The Imagination Tree for using craft foam shapes to make a mural on a window.  I had found a really cheap jumbo jar of foam shapes at the thrift store (hearts, circles, squares, triangles), and I bought a packet of multicolored foam sheets at the Dollar Store to cut out my own shapes (sun, house, flowers, bird).  I need to come up with some more creative easy shapes to cut out.  Any ideas?

At first, Amelia sprayed the sliding glass patio door with the sprinkler wand on the hose.  She loves to use the hose, and getting to spray the house was a big treat.  Megan was sitting inside the door, and she liked to watch the water, too.  The dry foam shapes stuck very well to the glass when it was all wet.  

But once we started putting shapes on, the sprinkler was too forceful and washed all the shapes off the glass.  So then we tried sprinkling the deck to make puddles, dipping the shapes in the puddles, and then putting them on the window.  This resulted in Amelia turning on the hose every other minute so that she could keep playing with the water.  So then I got out a plastic tub, and we dunked the shapes in the water.  We could use paintbrushes or sponge brushes to apply the water, but I think next time we'll get out her spray bottle, because I know she'll like that.  Most of the shapes stuck on through lunchtime; Amelia kept commenting on her pretty pictures during lunch.  But with the heat of the day today, they are starting to fall off now.

Megan wanted to play with the shapes, too, and didn't like it that she was stuck inside.  Once she is a little better about not putting everything in her mouth, then I think she'll enjoy this activity, too.


  1. I love your blog! Jeff just got me set up so I can post comments. Tell Amelia we love her art work and Megan is adorable even with a messy face.

  2. I'm so glad you started this! I love seeing new pictures of the girls and showing them off to everyone in the office.