Thursday, July 14, 2011

Megan's Birthday Party

We celebrated Megan's first birthday on Saturday with a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party. 

We didn't serve everything the caterpillar eats throughout the book, but we came close!  Megan loves fruit, so we had plenty of that.  And since her favorite food right now is pickles, I bought a jar especially for her (and Grandma!).  The "nice green leaf" was a Tuscan Roasted Potato salad, which everyone but Ben enjoyed. 

And in keeping with the theme, I made Megan a caterpillar cake. 

At first she looked at us as if to say "I am not eating this green goop" and then she tentatively stuck her finger in the frosting and brought it to her mouth. 
She wasn't sure about getting messy, but then decided that the frosting was GOOD!

I don't think the shirt is ever going to come clean, but the mess was completely worth it to see the enjoyment on her face.  Poor Aunt Becky had to use a washcloth to get frosting out of her nose.

I made Very Hungry Caterpillar hair clips for Natalie, Amelia and Megan as party favors. 

Amelia thought Noah shouldn't get hair clips, he should get an envelope with a picture of him inside it as a party favor instead.  I would love to know how her mind works.  But, because I didn't have any photos of Noah printed out, we made him an I-Spy bottle instead.  And lastly, we created a signature mat photo frame with a thumbprint caterpillar for all the party guests to sign.  We are going to hang it on the wall, and hopefully remember to continue this tradition in future years.  Thanks, everyone, for coming all the way to Madison for her party!

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