Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mirepoix Painting

As I was cooking dinner last night (the weekly food challenge recipe - stay tuned!) Amelia wanted to see what I was doing.  When she asked, I was dicing an onion very inexpertly, and she started playing with the top of the onion that I had cut off.  We started talking about onions and how onions smell funny and how they have layers (you know what else has layers?  Parfait!  Everybody loves parfait!).  And then I had the genius idea to give her the top of the onion to paint with while I finished getting dinner ready.  So we got out the paint (purple, of course, and some blue) and she stamped the onion all over several sheets of paper. 

By then I'd moved onto chopping carrots, so I gave her a few carrots to stamp with also.  She wasn't as much a fan of that, probably because I made her use orange paint.  And if David is reading this and thinking to himself, "but that's not a true mirepoix because it doesn't have any celery" then he is of course correct, but I think celery is the food of the devil.  Although it would probably be pretty fun to paint with...

Turns out onion painting looks pretty cool!

Megan didn't do any painting today, but she did get to practice some walking!  Every day she's getting steadier on her feet.  And check out those chubby thighs!  What a cutie...

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  1. Well, whenever I ought to use mirepoix, I use carrots, bell peppers, and mushrooms. So, at least yours is closer to correct than mine,