Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Day!

The weatherman was predicting snow on Wednesday, but I figured there was no chance we'd end up with any, because it never snows the first day it's predicted.  Right? 

Wrong!  As David said, well, we're living in Madison now and snow in November is to be expected.  I like snow, but I'm still in the mood for fall.

Amelia's still getting used to the idea that it's fall (she thinks that fall doesn't start until the leaves have all fallen from the trees, which means in her mind it's only been fall for a week).  Here was our conversation yesterday:

Me: Oh the weather outside is frightful.... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Amelia: You can't sing that song now, because it's not winter.
Me: Look outside, it's snowing!
Amelia:  But it's still fall!
Me:  Yes, sometimes it snows in the fall.
Amelia: When is spring?
Me: After winter.
Amelia: Is it going to be spring soon?
Me: No.  <sigh>

But then she got excited about the snow and wanted to go outside and play in it.  By the time Ben was home from work, and Amelia was up from her nap, we had an inch or two on the ground, and it had stopped snowing.  So I found all the snow gear, got her bundled up, and we headed outside to play.  Megan was still sleeping, so she'll have to wait for the next snow to play (but as we were walking back to the car after dropping Amelia at preschool today, I asked her if she wanted to play in the snow, and she looked at it and shook her head vigorously NO.)

Here's Amelia after throwing snowballs at me.  She had the funniest little giggly face:

And here's Daddy dropping a big snowball right on her head.  No fair, Daddy!

But she was most excited about getting to eat the snow.  We found a clean spot off the ground and gave her a little bit to taste, then told her she'd have to wait for a bigger snow to have more.  Everyone is talking about how this year the weather people are predicting even more snow than last year.  So I'm sure we'll have a lot more opportunities for snow play!

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  1. Love your picture of the leaf on the snow! So pretty! Looks like Amelia had fun!