Monday, December 12, 2011

New Christmas Cookies - Checkerboard Cookies

When I asked David what kind of fancy Christmas cookies I should make for the cookie walk, he immediately suggested checkerboard cookies.  I've never made them before, and I thought they looked cute, so I gave them a go.  They were a little fiddly, but not too bad.  Plus, one recipe makes a lot of cookies!  I would definitely make them again if I had the time.

I followed the recipe from Baking Obsession exactly, so I won't repost it here.  I was skeptical that mine would turn out as pretty as hers, but I think they did!  The white framed cookies spread a little, but the chocolate ones didn't.  I froze the dough, then thawed it on the counter for an hour to cut it.  Then I put the cookie sheets with the sliced cookies back in the freezer for 10 minutes before I baked them.  I baked them for 13 minutes at 350F.

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