Saturday, April 28, 2012

Florida - Sunday (Easter)

The Easter Bunny visited Hollywood Beach this Easter and hid eggs in the sand and along the grassy edge of the beach.  And in keeping with Dueber family tradition, a few eggs were lost on the beach for other kids to find sometime.  The Easter Bunny had 18 little eggs to hide, but only 16 were found.

Ben went out in the morning to figure out exactly where the Easter Bunny had hidden the eggs for our girls, and by the time the girls and I got down to the beach, Ben had talked to the Easter Bunny and marked off the section of sand that the girls could search in.  Amelia asked why the Easter Bunny was running so late, since he normally hides the eggs during the night.  Ben told her that he had to hide the eggs on the beach at the very end of the night so that the ocean didn't come up on the beach and take the eggs away.  She was happy with that explanation.

 This year our eggs had Hershey's chocolate eggs and jellybeans in them.  The girls were equally happy with both kinds of candy; their favorite candy of the day was the Pez dispensers from Grandma!  I didn't think Megan knew how to work the Pez dispenser, until I turned around and noticed that she had eaten half of them already.  Sneaky girl!  When we got back to our hotel room, Amelia wanted to hide eggs for Daddy.  After carefully taking all the candy out of her eggs, she and I found good hiding spots for Daddy.  Daddy thought our ice-cube tray hiding place was really clever! 

Then Amelia wanted to hide them for Megan.  Megan loved getting to find eggs all by herself.  Here she is delighted with herself after finding an egg hiding in Amelia's sandal.  Oh, and the Easter bunny left her cute little bunny socks, which she insisted on wearing with her sundress.  Now that we are home, she likes to wear one blue and white bunny sock and one orange pumpkin sock at the same time.  I think she has inherited the same sense of style as Amelia.

We ate lunch at a place called Waffle Works, which had the hugest brunch menu and the largest collection of model cars I have ever seen.  Amelia and Megan split a Froot Loops waffle - Megan picked all the Froot Loops out of her waffle and ate them, but wouldn't touch the waffle itself.  Ben ordered a Butterfingers waffle, and I had a cinnamon pecan waffle.  They were tasty!

After naptime, we went to the beach.  Grandma Jane assigned us a mission: to bury Daddy in the sand just like his sisters had buried him in the sand when .they were in Maine in 1989  The girls were happy to help dump sand over Daddy, but he turned into a little bit of a cranky pants when the wind blew the sand into his eye, so they were restricted to burying his extremities while I tackled the rest.

We tried to convince Amelia that we should bury her, but all she would agree to was having her legs buried.

We all needed to play in the ocean to wash all the sand off!  Both girls liked jumping over the waves:

The girls' favorite thing to build on the beach was what Amelia called a "little ocean."  We built a great big circular wall with an opening to the sea, which filled up with water on its own as we dug.  But the tide was coming in, so the little ocean got deeper and deeper, and eventually the walls were swept away.

Here's a cute photo of Megan looking super tan (for a Dueber at least):

As our trip progressed, it became more and more obvious which girl had inherited which skin color.  Megan got the Johnson peach tan-able skin, and poor Amelia got my pink and white skin and my unfortunate sun allergy (which only affected her arms for a few days, and didn't seem to bother her in the slightest.)

And finally, a photo of our (very sandy) feet on the beach:

It's not as artfully arranged as Jeff & Jane's feet photos, but it's a lot harder to arrange squirmy toddler feet where you want them, so this is the best we could do!

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