Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thirty Questions about Amelia

So I'm putting together a list of questions to ask Amelia and Megan every year on their birthdays or at the start of the school year.  I'd like to keep the same questions year to year, to get an idea of how their tastes and interests change.  I had too many questions to do only 20 questions, but not enough questions that I love to make it to 30.  Can you please help by thinking of other good questions that could pertain to a 4 year old but also to a 16 year old?  The list I have so far is below.  I will be sure to post Amelia's answers when I get a final list (there's the incentive for responding to my question!)

1. How old are you? 
2. Who is your best friend? 
3. What is your favorite thing to do?
4. What is your favorite color? 
5. What is your favorite food? 
6. What is your least favorite food? 
7. What do you like to do with your family?
8. What is your favorite toy?
9. What do you want to do when you grow up?
10. What makes you happy?
11. What makes you sad?
12. What is your favorite book?
13. What is your favorite show to watch?
14. What is your favorite movie?
15. Where do you like to go?
16. What is your favorite treat?
17. What do you think about before you fall asleep?
18. What is your favorite animal?
19. What is your favorite song?
20. What do you want for dinner on your birthday?
21. What is your favorite thing to wear?
22. What is your favorite thing about your sister?
23. What are you afraid of?
24. What are you really good at?
25. What are you not very good at?
26. What do you like most about yourself?
27. If you could change your name, what would you choose?
28. What is your favorite restaurant?
29. What is your happiest memory?


  1. Ones that I have in my kit that you didn't include:
    What's your favorite holiday?
    What's your favorite game?
    Who is your favorite character?
    What so you like to do with mom?
    What do you like to do with dad?
    What do you like to do with your friends?
    What do you like about school?
    If you could be an animal, what would you be?

    Things not in my kit:
    What is your favorite stuffed animal?
    What do you like to do with your sister?

    That's all I have.

  2. Tried this with Chase. Most answers involved dinosaurs. The surprise answer for least liked food was uncooked frozen waffles. Favorite food and treat were the same - lollipop. What surprised me is that he seemed to have fun with it and lasted through #29. What he likes best about Beckett is that he plays dinosaurs with him.