Friday, March 8, 2013

And still more snow....

... but hopefully this was the last major snowstorm of the season.  We got about 8" on Tuesday, for a total on the ground of anywhere between 0 and 24".  It's windy here, so we get a lot of drifting.  Our neighbor walked by as we were playing outside and told us that we got 22" of snow above normal this winter.  I'm surprised it wasn't more!

There was a huge drift in front of our patio steps, so the girls had fun trying to get up it and then either sliding or jumping down.

We built a very skinny snowman - the snow was wet, but didn't roll well, so we had to pack it all by hand.  Megan loved to help pack the snow on the snowman, but she could only manage to get maybe a tablespoon on at a time with her tiny little mittens.

Oh, excuse me, Amelia tells me this is actually a snow GIRL!  A leaning snowgirl...

We took a walk over to our neighbor's house, and Megan mowed the sidewalk while Amelia clambered up the tall snow banks:

It was above freezing, sunny, and not at all windy, so it was actually quite pleasant to play outside in the snow.  We were bundled up so well that we were starting to get warm, and the girls didn't even request hot chocolate when we got back inside!  Since the snow was melting, the girls found a nice puddle to jump in:

 And on the walk back, Amelia discovered pretty ice sculptures left by the melting snow:

Here both girls are looking for the lacy ice:

Megan had a hard time getting up on the top of the snow bank by herself, but she managed!

And here they are taking advantage of their height to throw snow balls at me.  Don't worry, they missed!

And here's the snow bank that the snow plows pushed up over our sidewalk, over our grass, and into our poor little tree:

Amelia thought it was cool that she could touch the tree branches, though.

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  1. I love the picture of Amelia jumping off the steps. Looks like fun! I need to post more snow pictures too.