Saturday, March 30, 2013

Staycation Day 2

Today the girls wanted to go play at the teeny-tiny play area inside the mall, but we talked them into going to the gym instead.  It was packed at the gym, but we still had a nice time, minus the fussing/talking-to incident when they learned they had to share the trampoline with everyone.  Megan only likes to bounce on the trampoline when she has it to herself, I think because she can't keep her balance when other kids are bouncing.  She had it to herself for a couple minutes today:

Ben helped the girls hang upside and do flips on the bar:

Amelia was able to walk the tall balance beam all by herself!  Oh, and she tried to hula hoop, but what she actually did was spin around while managing to keep the hula hoop up for about 10 seconds (which is about 9 second longer than I could!)

Megan invented a new way to make a basket, which makes is a lot easier for a short uncoordinated two year old to actually get the ball in the basket!  Amelia is demonstrating here:

Ben came up with a new game for the bounce house, where he would push against the side wall and make Amelia go flying.  She thought that was a riot!

We also played with the jump ropes, although neither girl could actually figure out how to jump rope the right way.

I thought this action shot of Amelia doing a forward roll down an incline was funny:

Today I took Amelia out to lunch; she suggested McDonald's initially, but when I started listing other places, she quickly changed her mind to Panera.  She had a cinnamon crunch bagel and half of a shortbread cookie for lunch.  Very well balanced.  I tried the pesto sacchetini, with a BBQ chicken salad, and both were delicious!  It was so nice to have lunch just with her, especially because I've been a little worried about her being more sad than normal lately.  Hopefully it is just the winter doldrums and she'll be back to normal when it is finally spring and we can go outside again.

Amelia really savored her cookie, she enjoyed taking teeny tiny little nibbles from the side of the cookie to make it last as long as possible.  It reminded me of me when I was little.  

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  1. Where did Ben and Megan go? Your gym is so fun! I have yet to check out our gym but I don't think it would be as fun.