Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Easter! (11 days late)

We had a lovely Easter at Mom & Dad's house this year.  Becky, Brian, Natalie & Noah came to church with all of us, and the kids were all pretty well behaved.  The weather wasn't super warm, but it was warm enough to go outside wearing only a sweater instead of a coat.  Amelia was happy that the Easter bunny got to hide eggs outside - she thinks that's typical for Easter, since it has been unseasonably warm on Easter every year since she was old enough to hunt eggs.  I hid Megan's eggs, and they were very easy to find.  Dad hid Amelia's, and she needed hints to help her find them.  She hasn't really figured out how to search for eggs, since she's used to them being really easy to find (and her were hidden a little harder than everyone else's this year, too). 

The Easter bunny even hid an egg in the snow pile!

Noah was so nice to Megan, holding her hand while she walked on the "balance beam".

 We took a lot of photos of all the kids together trying to get a really good one (it felt a little like we were paparazzi with all the cameras pointed at them!) but mostly we got photos where someone looks silly!  First I asked them to show me their Easter baskets:

Then we tried a few "No Smiling!" dictates:

Then we told them to act like bunny rabbits.  I love it how Natalie is hopping so enthusiastically!

A nice posed photo with Grandma and Grandpa:

followed by one in which everyone tried to give Grandma and Grandpa bunny ears:

I'm really happy with the way this photo turned out (thanks, Becky!)

 We let the kids watch Mickey Mouse cartoons while we were waiting to eat dinner, and then again after dinner while the adults talked at the table.  In fact, we were almost able to eat dessert without the kids noticing!  They were so cute all snuggled up watching tv:

Then all the kids went outside because they wanted to hide eggs for Grace, and then help Grace find them!  Then we hid eggs for Grandpa, and again for Grace.  I'm sure Mom will find a few eggs still hiding when she cleans out her flower beds! The kids has such a good time hiding eggs (although we ended up with about six eggs in the mailbox.)

Both Grace and Grandpa read a few books to all the kids at once:

Hope all of you had a lovely Easter, too!

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