Saturday, April 13, 2013

Megan's new favorite pasttime... talking on the phone:

Whenever Amelia wants to call Grandma and Grandpa to tell them that she played Draw Something with them, Megan says "I want to talk on the phone, too!"   She had a 10 minute conversation with Grandma the other day; I don't know how much Grandma understood, but Megan talked pretty much nonstop.  What a change from a year ago when she was very quiet!  In the picture above, she had just told me to go away because she wanted privacy for her conversation with Grandma.  Oh, she's going to be a handful when she's 13!

Amelia was very happy after ballet on Monday, so I got a natural smiling photo of her.  I've been playing around with some different lighting edits in photoshop.  Which do you like best?


  1. Maybe Megan and Natalie should talk to each other on the phone. Natalie LOVES to talk on the phone which you already know.

    I like the first picture where it is brighter.

  2. When I first looked at it on my iPhone I liked the right one a little better, but when I looked at it again on the iPad I liked the left one much more. The right one looks a liitle gray..

  3. I like the one on the right better. It has more contrast and shows the color in her face much better, especially her blue eyes.