Thursday, March 21, 2013

If Megan had Freckles...

We went to Olbrich today to see the spring garden show; the weather was quite a change from last year.  As we were driving, Megan guessed that we were going to see flowers inside, but Amelia was sure we were going to see flowers outside.  I asked her what she could see outside and she said "Snow.  Hmm, maybe the flowers will be inside."  Amelia liked to identify the flowers again; her favorites were the purple primroses.

Megan's favorite things were the water features - the fountain and the pond.  I caught her trying to climb onto the rocks bordering the fountain a few times.

When we got home, it was sunny and not too far below freezing, so we played outside for a little bit.  The girls colored the snow with their squirt bottles:

until Megan accidentally squirted herself in the face and we had to come inside.  So this is what she'd look like if she had red freckles:

Except for the fact that this is the face we've been seeing on Megan most often lately:

She has been a huge cranky pants lately and screams and fusses about just about everything - putting on her shoes, leaving to pick Amelia up from preschool, getting the wrong color plate, washing her hands.  Everything!  I offer her choices like "Do you want to wash your hands yourself, or do you want me to help you?" and all she'll say is "Any choice" which means no choice.  I hope that things will get better when the weather warms up and we can get outside to play, because I have just about had it.  Today was a particularly challenging day - she went to drop Amelia off at preschool wearing only her short sleeve Jessie nightgown and her pink glittery shoes.  She refused to get dressed or wear her coat, and she only had the shoes on because I forced them onto her feet while she was screaming.  Oh, and it was 9 degrees outside.

But back to our day....  We had to take a bath to get all the food coloring off Megan, and I apparently dumped A LOT of bubble bath in the tub:

 But on the plus side, both girls ate leftover pizza (with sauce!) for dinner!


  1. Ha! I read the description of Megan's recent behavior to Jen as she has suffered through similar stuff with Beckett. She also goes the this option or that option route. Sometimes it works, but sometimes everything is No! I No Wanna...... We also are not having the weather we were hoping for while the boys are here. We would just go ahead anyway, and we have to some extent, but we have also had fevers and bloody noses (from house dryness I guess).

  2. I like Megan's freckles.

    Have you tried the sticker chart?