Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amelia's Last Day of Preschool!

There was a little graduation ceremony during preschool today, which was so cute.  The kids sang a few songs with actions; Amelia's favorite was "World Family", which she said has been stuck in her head all week.  She's been singing it quietly to herself because she didn't want to ruin the surprise.

The kids all had fun doing the chicken dance:

The teacher put Amelia at the end of the row because she wasn't sure how Amelia would like performing in front of a crowd, but Amelia did great!  She sang (or at least mouthed) most of the words, and she did all the actions. 

After the singing, the teachers handed out graduation certificates:

Here's Amelia with her teachers, Ms. Bottomley (on the left) and Mrs. Herron:

When it was time to say goodbye to her teachers, Amelia gave them big hugs, then came over to me and cried because, as she said, "I'm going to miss them so much.  They're the best teachers I'm ever going to have!"  She saw them walking towards the parking lot, and chased after them so that she could give them another hug.  She is very sad that 4k preschool is over.

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  1. Good job Amelia for singing and dancing along! What cute videos.