Friday, June 7, 2013

Guess Who Found My Phone This Time?

Can you tell who it is yet?

That's right, Megan!  She took probably 30 pictures of her face one morning, and she loves to look at the photos on my phone.

In other news, we saw the Weinermobile parked at a hotel as we were driving down the road last weekend, so we stopped to check it out.  The girls thought a truck shaped like a hot dog was just hilarious!

We spontaneously went to the zoo one day last week after preschool, and Mrs. Knudten had told us to look for a new baby animal.  Turns out there was a baby giraffe!  I heard another zoo visitor say that he was born last year, so he's not a tiny baby giraffe, but he was much smaller than his mother.  The girls watched him for a long time.

I've been trying to take pictures with my phone lately, instead of carrying my big camera  around all the time, but I'm realizing more and more that I really don't like taking photos with my phone, and I don't like the way the photos turn out.  The preschool graduation photos and these zoo photos were all taken with my phone, and I just don't like the lack of focus, the low quality, and the strange colors.  So I guess I'll go back to carrying my nice camera around again...

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  1. I think you pictures look fine from your phone but maybe it is because they are small on my ipad. I love Megan's self portraits!