Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Picking

The girls and I went to pick strawberries on Thursday morning, and had a wonderful time.   We went to a different farm this year, Lutz Farm out by Marshall, and the berries were much larger and more prevalent than last year.  Of course, this year has been a lot better, weather-wise, for strawberries.  Both girls were very good at picking only red strawberries, although we did end up with a few not quite ripe berries in our basket.

When the farmer showed us to our row, he gave each of the girls a berry to taste.  For the first few minutes of picking, all the berries ended up in the girls' mouths, and I had to remind them that we needed to take some home to make strawberry shortcake and jam.

Do you like the strawberry picking outfits they picked out?  Amelia picked her strawberry dress with a strawberry bow, but Megan refused to wear her matching dress.  She did, however, insist on wearing pink galoshes, in case it was muddy.

Amelia has decided to draw pictures of all the fun things we do this summer, so that she can make a book.  Here's her drawing of us picking strawberries:

Can you find the strawberry that looks like a cat?  How about one that looks like a cloud?  And another that looks like an elephant?

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  1. You got really cute pictures. I love the ones of them standing together. Natalie has been wearing her rain boots quite a bit recently. She has decided that she really likes them.