Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nathaniel is five months old!

So, what's new with Nathaniel this month?  Well, he's discovered his thumb, which is in his mouth an awful lot now:

And he likes to eat.  What does he like to eat?  Giraffes.

He also likes to chew on his taggie blanket:

And his fingers:

And when you take something out of his mouth, he is not pleased:

But other than going through a mouthing stage right now, he has become a much better sleeper in the past month.  He sometimes sleeps through the night (although, inevitably, I am awakened those nights anyway by a girl who had a nightmare, is sick, or is afraid of a thunderstorm).  And his naps have improved, too.  Sometimes he'll nap for over three hours!  At Mom and Dad's house, he refused to go to bed in his crib, and that's continued the last few days.  He screams and screams at bedtime, and when I finally relent and go pick him up (I am such a sucker), he immediately calms down and gives me a sweet little smile:

We still make Nathaniel do tummy time, and he's happiest when he can look at himself in the mirror.

He usually rolls over onto his back pretty quickly.  He starting to roll onto his side, but hasn't figured out how to get onto his tummy yet from his back.  When he lays on his back, he can scoot himself across the blanket or rotate himself to face a different direction by pushing with his heels.  He likes to lay with his feet in the air:

He really likes to lay in his gym and play with his hanging toys, especially the chimes and the octopus.  He likes to eat the octopus' rings and feet.

 Megan really enjoys helping with the baby.  She still loves to hold him, although she wants to hold him like a baby, and he doesn't really like to be held like that any more.  And she's just started showing interest in helping to get him dressed.

She likes to entertain him when I lay him down in the pack and play while I wash my hands, or when he is getting his diaper changed.

And she has been asking lately if she can help get him dressed.  She has a hard time doing up the snaps, though.  Nathaniel is very interested in watching Megan when she helps out.

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