Friday, June 13, 2014

Amelia's last day of kindergarten

Today was Amelia's last day of kindergarten.  Here's how she felt about school being over for the summer:

She loves her teacher, Mrs. Tews, so much that she was devastated that kindergarten was over and that she wouldn't see Mrs. Tews again.  She wrote and colored this card for Mrs. Tews all by herself:

When Megan, Nate and I picked her up at the cafeteria this morning, she cried and cried about missing Mrs. Tews. She stopped crying long enough to take a photo with Mrs. Tews, so that we can put it in her photo album and she can look at it all summer long, but she started up again when we had to walk away.  Only the threat of going home to take a nap made her stop crying.

Megan declined to have her photo taken on her last day of preschool, but she did create this card for her teachers and dictated the words to me (don't you love all the tears?):

After school today, the girls chose to go eat lunch at McDonalds and play at the mall.  They got past their sadness and were happy to play and eat ice cream:

Now they are enjoying their reading and snack tent in the backyard:

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