Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nathaniel is seven months old!

I feel like I say this every month, but I can't believe Nathaniel is seven months old already!  So, what's new with him this month?  Well, he's discovered that he loves to bounce in his jumparoo.  We weren't surprised that he loves this, since his favorite thing ever is to be bounced up and down on someone's lap.

He also likes to play in his exersaucer, which we finally got out a week ago.  Nathaniel particularly likes the car that spins around in the first photo, which used to be one of Megan's favorite toys also.  When he plays in the exersaucer, he usually puts his weight on his legs so that he's standing.  He's a strong boy!

Nathaniel loves to swing in his baby swing on our new playset, and he especially likes it when one of his sisters pushes him.  It has been a little warm and muggy lately, and the mosquitos have come out rather viciously, so he hasn't spent a huge amount of time outside recently.  I tried dipping his feet in the girls' sprinkler, but he wanted nothing to do with that!

Nathaniel is still not very interested in eating baby food purees.  We gave him mashed potatoes last week, just to see if he is "allergic" like Megan.  He was not a fan, as you can see in the photo below!  I gave him squash for dinner tonight, and he actually opened his mouth like he was eager to eat it; he ended up eating about a half a container, which is more than he's ever eaten in the past.  He spit out quite a lot of it, but it seemed less intentional than previous attempts.  He definitely needed a bath afterwards, though.

Nathaniel is showing interest in trying to army crawl around, although he doesn't make any progress yet.  But at least he's smiling for tummy time and not screaming!  He still sleeps primarily on his back, and he does still scoot on his head/heels so that his bald spot is still there.  And speaking of heads, his hair is starting to grow back in, it looks to be about the same color as the girls' hair. 

 He is starting to sit up on his own, although he can't sit for very long yet before he topples over.

The girls like to help him sit up.  Amelia is particularly good at catching him when he starts to fall over. 

Megan would rather play with Nathaniel where she can see his face. She gets in his crib after naptime and "reads" him books - it is so cute!  She also loves to entertain him when he is getting his diaper changed, or when he is fussing in the pack-n-play while I'm washing my hands.  She brings him toys, plays peek-a-boo, and wants to hold him like a baby, although he thinks he's too big for that already!  Megan is a very helpful big sister!

Nathaniel still tries to put everything in his mouth, including his blanket.  Today at dinner, he grabbed a pancake off my plate and put it in his mouth.  I let him lick it and mouth it for a little bit until he ended up breaking off a piece, and then I had to fish it out of his mouth. 

And of course, Nathaniel still likes to suck his thumb.  His eyes are still mostly blue, although I think I can see a little brown starting to creep in around the pupil.

He generally does NOT sleep through the night, or at least what I would consider through the night.  The last few nights, he's fussed a lot at bedtime, and he's been waking up somewhere between 12:30 and 3am, so I hope that's a short-lived stage.  Normally, he goes to bed very easily, and sleeps well until sometime around 5am, then he'll go back to sleep and wake up for good around 7.  Of course, the few nights that he has slept all the way through are the nights that one (or both) of the girls has been up due to thunderstorms, strange noises or wetting the bed.  Last week was particularly challenging, with thunderstorms almost every night, the tornado siren going off around midnight, and I tried (unsuccessfully) to get the girls to give up wearing Pull-ups.  I am very tired this week.

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