Sunday, July 20, 2014

Megan's Birthday Party

Megan had her very first friend birthday party on Saturday morning.  She wanted to have a Frozen party just like Amelia, and could not be convinced to switch her party to dinosaurs or birds or something more unique.  So we used the exact same invitation, kept up the snowflake decorations, and served the same food.  We did a few easier crafts - scratch snowflakes and snowflake beaded bracelets - and spent a lot of time playing outside on the playset instead of doing organized activities.  Only two of the moms stayed, and one brought her two year old son (who is not very well-behaved) so it was a little chaotic.  But all in all, the four year old girls were a lot better behaved than the six year old girls at Amelia's party.  Here's all the girls who came to her party:

 Tatum, Amelia, Megan, Amelia, Bryanna, Ainsley and Addison

When I frosted the cake in the morning, I let Megan lick the frosting beater because it was her birthday.  She was pretty excited to get to eat frosting for breakfast!

Megan's Elsa cake went together a lot easier than Amelia's, because I had learned a few things.  Once I had all the layers baked, it probably took less than an hour to get it together and frosted.  Megan was delighted with it, and thrilled to have an Elsa Barbie all her own.  Megan said her favorite part of the party was eating her cake.

Nathaniel helped Ben pull down the decorations after the party:

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  1. What an impressive cake! Glad that your girls are getting a lot of use out of the dresses you made, too.