Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa - Abigail and Jonathan

I was going to try to summarize our whole week at Mom and Dad's in a single post, but since I uploaded 68 photos, I think I better split it into a few posts.

The kids and I went to Mom and Dad's house on the last Saturday in June so that we could see David, Julie, Abigail and Jonathan.  Megan was especially interested in playing with Abigail, but since Abigail just turned three, she was more interested in playing independently.  They did enjoy some time together in the hammock, picking raspberries, and playing in Grandma's many fairy gardens.

Nathaniel and Jonathan were very cute together.  At the time, Jonathan was much better at sitting up and eating than Nathaniel, but I think peer pressure got to Nathaniel, because right after Jonathan left, he figured out how to do those things well, too.  In this first photo, Nathaniel is just about to put Jonathan's foot in his mouth, and in the second photo, you can see how Nathaniel's head is gigantic compared to Jonathan's.  Jonathan was a very smiley baby, except he did not like to smile for me.

Becky, Brian, Natalie and Noah came over for dinner, so we were able to get a photo of all the cousins together.  We had a conversation about how the cousins would group themselves when they are a little older, and we were undecided.  We thought that either Megan would tag along with Natalie, Noah and Amelia's group, leaving Abigail to be in charge of the two little boys, or we thought Megan and Abigail might form their own group, so that there would be a big kids group, a middle kids group, and a young kids group.  It will be interesting to see what happens!

Both babies like to stand up and bounce on people's laps:

Nathanial seemed to like his Uncle David, or it could be that he liked his chewy bee so much that he didn't even notice who was holding him:

And here's a rare photo that has me in it; I think it's interesting that both babies were trying to look out the window instead of at the camera.

 I have no idea what Amelia and Noah were trying to do here; were they trying to sleep on top of Natalie?  They can get very goofy when they are together!

Abigail opened her birthday presents from our family, and it was so funny to watch her.  She got so much enjoyment out of opening the presents that she hardly payed attention to what was inside them.  Abigail very graciously let Megan help her with some of the unwrapping.

Here she is modeling her dressup necklaces:

Mom had made chocolate cupcakes for Abigail's birthday, and Amelia and Megan decorated them with M&Ms while Abigail was taking a nap.  This was the first time that Abigail had blown out candles, and she looks like she thinks fire is cool:

Of course she enjoyed having Grandpa read her new birthday book from Grace.

Hopefully since David and Julie are only 4 hours (with no traffic) from Glenview, we will get to see them more often now.  I know we would all enjoy that!

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  1. Wow! I'm amazed by the photo you got of all the cousins. All but the babies are smiling! Awesome. I need that photo.