Monday, July 21, 2014

Visiting Grandma Jane and Grandpa Jeff - Megan's birthday

Grandma and Grandpa asked Megan what she wanted to do on her birthday, and she said she wanted to go to the Missouri Botanic Gardens so that she could play in the children's garden, especially the cave.  So, we met up with Anna and Abby, and Becky, Natalie and Rosemary at the garden on Wednesday morning.  It was so nice that we could all be together, because Anna, Dan and Abby were heading up to Bloomington-Normal on Thursday for Dan's brother's wedding.  Thanks for taking the day off to join us, Becky!  The girls were all wearing the dresses that Jane had made for them - they were so cute!  As always, the girls enjoyed the fountains:

Amelia and Megan wanted to head over to explore the maze.  I stayed up in the tower to give them directions, but mostly they just wandered around.  See if you can find Amelia, Megan, Ben with Nate in the stroller, Jeff in a hat, Anna with Abby in a stroller, and Jane in a visor.  I thought this would be a fun Where's Waldo type seek-and-find.

The girls also loved feeding the koi in the Japanese garden - thanks for the quarters, Anna!  Megan got so excited about leaning over to feed the fish that I was worried she would fall in.

And they had to ride the sheep again:

Anna and Abby had to go home so that Abby could take a nap, and the rest of us headed over to the children's garden.  Natalie, Rosemary, Nathaniel, Becky, Jeff and I stayed just outside to give the babies a little bit of food.  Nathaniel was very interested in the girls' puffs, so Becky shared a few with him.  It was the first time he'd had them, and he figured out how to get them in his mouth pretty well.  A number of people stopped by to say how cute the babies were and ask us if they were triplet.  Thankfully not!

Ben and Jane took the girls into the children's garden, and so I have no idea what they did until we met up at the water area.  Megan really liked standing right on top of the fountains!  Even the babies got into the water play.  Nathaniel was not a fan, but Natalie and Rosemary seemed to enjoy splashing.

Then we had a delicious lunch in the restaurant; afterwards Becky and the twins had to leave while the rest of us went to go see the Lego display in the Climatron.  It was really cool!

In their children's play area, they had a Lego creating station, and everyone had fun making Lego sculptures:

 I think it's really fun that all the adults were excited about playing with Legos, too.

While the adults were playing, Amelia checked out the green screen:

Nathaniel slept through the entire Lego exhibit:

Grandma made Megan a delicious funfetti birthday cake with purple frosting - Megan was delighted with the purple frosting and sprinkles that she got to put on herself!

Megan had a very fun birthday!

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  1. I like the "Where's Waldo" picture! It was a fun day. Thank you, Megan!