Monday, September 8, 2014

Amelia's First Day of 1st Grade

Amelia's first day of 1st grade was great!  She came home all excited about school; she said she felt comfortable with her teacher already, and she was happy to have three good friends in her class. 

After I took these photos of Amelia, she wanted to take a photo of Dinah, since it was also Dinah's first day at school.   I found this dress on clearance, and it came with a matching 18" doll dress, which fit Dinah perfectly.  Amelia loves when she and Dinah have matching clothes.  Amelia told Megan and me that we were responsible for teaching Dinah something during the day, so Megan taught Dinah the names of all her plastic dinosaurs.  Dinah was a very good student.

Her second day of school, the first full day, was a little bit harder.  She came home saying that her bucket was empty (her teacher had read them a book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? about how everyone can help fill up other people's buckets by doing nice things for them and being kind) because she got lonely for home.  Megan and I cheered her up with a snack and some reading time, but she felt sad most of the evening.  She only had one bit of homework last week, to decorate a paper lunch bag and fill it with five things that she could use to tell her friends about her.  Amelia chose to decorate her bag with Frozen stickers, as well as cupcakes, butterflies and cats.  She also colored part of the bag purple and taped on some pipe cleaners.

She filled her bag with a Boxcar Children book (because she loves to read), her journal (because she loves to write stories), a picture that she colored (because she loves to draw), a Lego car (because her favorite things to play with right now are Legos) and a pipe cleaner crown and braid that she made for her Barbie (because she and her neighbor friend love to create things with pipe cleaners, and Amelia is proud that she has learned how to braid).  Amelia was the first one to share her bag with the class; she said she wasn't nervous at all, that she liked telling her friends about herself.

I think Amelia did a great job coming up with things that really do represent her.  Thankfully, the rest of last week went well, and she was very excited to go to school this morning, too.  She has Daisies this afternoon, so that gave her something fun to look forward to.

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  1. Amelia is such a beautiful little girl! I'm glad that she's (gradually) making the adjustment to first grade and that she was happy to get up this morning for school. What fun things she chose to be in her lunch sack! How many of those probably would've been similar to what YOU would've packed in a "get to know you" sack in first grade? At least the book & journal, right?