Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Megan's Snack Helper Day

Megan was snack helper at preschool today, and I got to spend the day with her.  We had so much fun!  Megan doesn't usually tell me much about what she does at preschool, other than what she had to eat for snack, so I was happy to discover what she actually does during the day.  As it turns out, Megan does a little bit of everything.  We started out playing Zingo with five of her little friends.  Lots of the kids were really excited to play with me - it was so cute!

Then we moved on to the sensory table, which was full of little rocks and construction trucks:

Then we built a rainbow barn out of magnatiles:

Then we played restaurant at the dramatic play area.  Megan wanted to use my phone to take a crazy photo of me:

Then Megan wanted to do the art project, which was hardhat drawing - it was really cute to watch the kids try to draw like this. 

Then we played with the magnet board and practiced spelling people's names.  Megan spelled "Mommy" all by herself - she made me close my eyes so she could surprise me with her spelling!

And then we played with the little animals, figuring out which habitats they lived in.  Megan made a parade of animals on the savannah.

She was an excited participant in large motor today, which was scooter stop-and-go and push-your-partner.  She doesn't always choose to go to large motor, but today was one of her favorite activities, so she had a blast.  I found scooters a lot easier this year; last year I was 8 or 9 months pregnant when I had to get down on a scooter - that was a challenge!

Finally, we served snack; Megan chose to bring baby carrots, white milk, and apples that we picked at the apple orchard yesterday.  Most of her friends really liked the carrots (I was surprised) but they all wanted more apples.  Since it was such a beautiful day, the teachers decided that we should have a picnic snack outside.  It went well and was really fun.  Plus it made cleanup a breeze!

Megan said her favorite part of the day was getting to help me set snack up.  My favorite part was getting to spend a large chunk of time with Megan doing exactly what she wanted to do.  It was delightful!


  1. Middle children ARE wonderful! :) Glad you could spend the day with her. Looks like a great preschool program. Was little Nathaniel with you?

  2. Wow! I agree with Amy. I'm impressed by all of the things that Megan does during a given day at preschool. The hard hat drawing cracked me up ... I'll have to try that with Ian! What a treat to spend the day with Megan. Now you can picture exactly what she might be doing when she's at preschool!