Monday, September 8, 2014

Megan's First Day of 4k

Megan has been counting down the days until 4k starts - she was upset that she didn't get to go to school last week when Amelia started first grade.  She was super excited that it was her school day this morning!  We had a special breakfast of toast with cinnamon sugar and cocoa sugar.

It was a little cool this morning (51 when we woke up) so I made Megan wear socks and shoes.  She picked out her Halloween pumpkin socks herself.

When we got to preschool this morning, Megan did remember to give me and Nathaniel hugs and kisses, but then she was the first one to run into the classroom.  I think she was more excited about saying goodbye to Nate than me.  When we picked her up, she told me that she had had a great day.  I asked for more detail, and she said that she had apple juice and Ritz crackers for snack, that she played bristle blocks with Ms. Bottomley,  that they sang the "Boom Chicka Rocka" song, and that they are going outside tomorrow.  I have no idea what else she did in her two and a half hours at school, but she enjoyed it!

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  1. I love the orange pumpkin socks! Way to go, Megan! Sounds like you did a great job at preschool.